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Press Release - Marine Batik



Batik is a delicate art, which requires patience and skills. It means 'Printing Out With Wax'. Batik Malaysia is different from the Indonesian or Thai batik in design and motif, especially handprint method. Producing batik is a unique process of wax blocking, then dyeing, drying and boiling of clothing materials through a repetitive process, done by hand, it demands skilled craftsmanship and constant quality control. "NO TWO PIECES ARE EXACTLY ALIKE"!  

A block of the desired design is first made from soldered strips of tin. For multicoloured designs, there can be as many as four of more block in a set, one for each colour and shape. A metal block is dipped into molten wax and then impressed onto a white piece of cloth which is laid over a mattress composed of layered banana palm trunks (Wax is applied to protect previous colourations). The cloth is then dyed with a desired colour and boiled to remove the wax. The waxed portion of the material remains white (or its base colour), the cloth is then dried.

A series of waxing, dyeing and drying is repeated for the application of all the required colours. Crumpling the waxed material before dyeing brings about crackling effects.

Souvenir is just another attraction to the tourist, with some good looking souvenir will sure make the holiday more memorable. We understand this philosophy and started to create our souvenir center - Batik Gallery together with the Marang Inn.

We create our own designs, which demand skill craftsmanship and constant quality control, all ready made products are made by professional tailors, the batik clothes are sold by made to measure items likes the Sarong, Shirts, Duvets, Bed Sheet, Table Clothes etc. To be able to sustain in the market we emphasize on quality with reasonable price, which make us still the pioneer in this market. Today the gallery is able to be on its own and with many other souvenirs item like T -shirts, wood carving items and many more for the tourist to purchase as mementos during their holiday here.

Design - Marine Fish, Seahorse, Sea Lion, Dolphin and Turtle (more than 20 marine designs), Daisy Garden, Leaves, Hibiscus, Wood Grain, Shadow Play, Pitcher Plant, Tiger Skin, Tumble Weed, Diamond, Blossom, Lotus, etc.

* Batik Sarong, dresses, blouse, dungaree, jumpsuit, vest, bathrobe, short pants, long  pants, shirt (kemeja), tablecloths, skirt, children wear, jumpsuit and more......

* Batik bag, handkerchief, scrunches, hat, cap, slipper, glove, letter holder, scarf.
* Silk and Rayon
* Seashell product

* Wooden craft (wind chime, pencil holder, letter holder, pencil, key ring, door stopper, earring, photo frame, decorative set, mobile, magnet, wayang kulit (shadow play puppet), hanger, letter opener, book mark, salad spoon, chopstick, wall pocket, napkin holder...........

* T-shirt (with picture of island, marine life, batik.....)
* Post card and Handmade card
* Mengkuang Leave and Rattan weaving product (basket, mat, bag, box, purse...)
* Bamboo Chime
* Shell Opal necklace, bracelet, earring.



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